Books in Common NW: Ryan Busse

Ryan Busse, A former firearms executive, pulls back the curtain on America's multibillion-dollar gun industry.

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Join Books in Common NW for a critical and timely discussion of the gun industry with Ryan Busse author of Gunfight.

Ryan Busse has traveled a long, circuitous path along the American gun journey. As an executive for a major American firearm company he has watched the industry change from its smaller, less corporate and far-less-powerful form to the partisan, power-hungry entity it is today. He thought he could go up against the power of the industry from within, and over the years had made small inroads toward sensible gun ownership and use. But that's simply not possible anymore. This book is a whistleblower's account, a voice-driven tale of personal transformation, and a fast ride through wild times and colorful characters that populate a much-speculated-about, but little-known industry. It's about how the current politics surrounding guns were developed by a small group of people who figured out how to wield enough power to have massive influence. It's also a story of how authoritarianism spreads in the guise of freedom, how voicing one's conscience becomes an act of treason in a culture that demands sameness and loyalty.

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Date Tuesday, November 9, 2021 at 7:30pm - 9:00pm
Duration   1h 30m
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