Bozeman to host first Montana Irreverent Warriors hike

First Irreverent Warriors Hike coming to Bozeman this summer

The Irreverent Warriors Veteran’s hike will take place in Bozeman for the first time ever June 11, 2020.

The Irreverent Warriors (IW) hike participants are all Veterans and active duty military members of all ages. The hike is approximately an 8-mile ruck style event throughout the downtown area, with everyone wearing a rucksack, backpack, or weighted vest following with the IW’s signature hike apparel: ranger panties also known as silkies. Silkies are an issued pair of military training shorts hallmarked by their 2.5” inseam. A majority of the participants will have custom designed or fun themed silkies which are commonly sold by military inspired clothing companies such as Grunt Style.

The mission of Irreverent Warriors is, “To bring veterans together using humor and camaraderie to improve mental health and prevent veteran suicide.

Bozeman residents consist of the largest veteran community in the state of Montana. The event coordinator is local business owner Marty Hopes and his wife Marissa from MARS auto finishing. The couple are both Army veterans dedicated to their work with Veteran Service Organization. The hike is expected to have a minimum of 80 participants based off those who have already committed to the event and veterans traveling from other states, as is common for those who have previously attended an IW hike.

While the hike may sound like a great distance on foot, the pace is casual and stops are set along the route for refreshments and indoor A/C. Anyone (civilian or military) interested in ruck training, is welcome to join the Bozeman rucking group, Montana Mighty Rucks. The group meets weekly to conduct ruck marches wearing weighted backpacks for 3-10 miles throughout the town. For information about the Montana Mighty Rucks group, the club has a Facebook group and information for their endorsing organization is available at

Marty and his wife are hoping to promote the hike early in order to attract more participants and community support. Anyone interested in the hike can reach out the group Facebook, IW Bozeman information about IW is available on their website

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Calendar   Community Events
Location Downtown Bozeman
Date Saturday, June 11, 2022 at 9:00am - 2:00pm
Duration   5h
Repeats? No