Silent Songs - Jennifer Pulchinski

Opening reception for a new body of work by local artist Jennifer Pulchinski. On view through May.

“Her favorite birds are magpies! 'You should bring me a baby magpie,' she said. I laughed at that, thinking of magpies invading Wisconsin. I would do just about anything for my sister. When she told me she was diagnosed with breast cancer I really dove into my work. It seems any heightened emotion really pushes me into my place of comfort to investigate my thoughts, the studio. Devastation and panic is what I felt when she told me. And without any plans for a subject to draw, birds are what I started drawing consistently. I suppose they represent a kind of freedom with their ability to just fly away, as if gravity has no grip on them. Maybe a similar feeling I longed for.

Her diagnosis was a couple years ago and as of today, she is cancer free! So when I was asked about doing a show of birds, I revisited some of those early feelings and then analyzed my feelings today to come up with this new group of drawings for this show. A silent song.”

-Jennifer Pulchinski

Calendar   Community Events
Location Old Main Gallery and Framing - 129 E Main St., Bozeman
Date Friday, May 5, 2023 at 5:30pm - 7:30pm
Duration   2h
Repeats? No