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Bozeman BPW Luncheon- Understanding Conflict

Riverside Country Club

Upcoming Dates & Times

Wednesday, August 15, 2018 at 11:30am - 1:00pm

Nancy DesRosiers has been helping people in conflict professionally as a mediator since 2013 through her business Clear Path Mediation Support. She has helped many kinds of clients such as business owners and customers, landlords and tenants, neighbors and friends, as well as families with children resolve their conflicts and come to mutually acceptable agreements. Her clients are put to work and asked to step outside their typical patterns that are leading to conflict and with her facilitation, they problem-solve together. Her path to mediating seemed like a natural
one after more than ten years of raising her son on the autism spectrum and advocating for him as well as working closely with clients as an illustrator and helping them transform their ideas to logos and graphics. Nancy has learned how to help her son self-advocate and get his own needs met by using many of the same methods used in mediation.
As manager of Gallatin County’s volunteer mediation program, Project SETTLE that saves taxpayers the cost of a half-time judge, and former manager and current volunteer of the Community Mediation Center’s low-income family mediation program, as well as a private mediation and conflict coach, Nancy makes a positive difference in our community one conflict at a time.

Dean Hampton of Hampton Resources is a certified mediator as well as experienced team builder and teacher. He has helped numerous organizations address conflict and teach companies how to develop healthy work cultures. Dean has more than 20 years teaching and facilitating experience both in his role as a mediator as well as substitute teaching in the Bozeman school system and as a leader and pastor in various churches. He has worked in the business arena guiding internet and cancer research companies define their mission, vision, and goals.