Bozeman Business & Professional Women’s September Luncheon

Riverside Country Club

Upcoming Dates & Times

Wednesday, September 18, 2019 at 11:30am - 1:00pm

Join us for our September 18th Luncheon “The Power Of Failing” with Kendall Clifton-Short!

Too often as women in business or when leading teams we consciously or unconsciously question our worth. We spend energy wondering if we are good enough. We experience moments where we desperately hope no-one will ever realize we are not cut out for the job we are doing. We question whether someone else might do the job better. And we don’t talk about these feelings, often believing we are the only one feeling like this and concerned an admission would reinforce to others our lack of suitability for the job.

This can lead us to interpret events with a particular lens: a lens of self-doubt. Which then prevents us from taking risks, as risks inherently place us in situations where we could be discovered to be a fraud. We unconsciously believe we cannot put ourselves into situations where we might ‘fail’.

Yet failure is an intrinsic aspect of success. Every time we ‘fail’ we learn a little more about what it takes to succeed. An unwillingness to fail stifles creativity and the ability to think differently and be innovative – all essential elements of success in a rapidly changing world. When we can re-frame failure as essential and worthy, our ‘failures’ become the catalyst that propels us forward and transforms the way we think about and do business as a female entrepreneur.

Kendall Clifton-Short is the Director of The Purpose: Fully, a boutique consultancy firm that provides purpose and impact-driven strategy and implementation to accelerate growth across the USA and Australia. She believes there is a growing need for leaders to explore new ways of leading and partners with individuals and their teams to facilitate that journey of exploration and transformation. In her role, she helps individuals and organizations drive profitability by thinking differently. Her particular passions are around culture change, embedding vision and values, inspiring innovation, creating impact and shifting mindsets. An intrepid traveler, Kendall has led teams across three continents.  She has had the privilege of facilitating transformational outdoor experiences for today and tomorrows leaders – often in amazing wild places. Before starting her own consultancy firm, she spent 8 years leading the complete physical, educational and cultural transformation of a sustainability-based experiential education program set in 116 hectares of pristine wilderness in Victoria, Australia. What started as a love for the outdoors has grown into a lifelong quest to understand how we can empower people to build systems and cultures that promote more sustainable and inclusive behaviors and lifestyles.  As a wife, parent, friend, educator, and facilitator, Kendall believes passionately in the power of questioning or reframing assumptions and redefining what we think is possible – of ourselves, of others, of humanity. This idea informs all of her work and play, particularly on the journey of empowering other women to lead change.