Halloween Ghost Clearing

Hera Salon / ReikiCafe

Upcoming Dates & Times

Wednesday, October 31, 2018 at 8:00pm - 10:00pm

Kitty Warren was the madam running the Bozeman brothel many years ago. That old brothel is today's Bozeman's democratic campaign headquarters and the Madam's home and brothel overflow is today's Hera Salon. Over Equinox, Christine Renee, Lisa Lord, and Margaret Zubke of ReikiCafe assisted numerous ghosts cross over from the two buildings. Many still remain, haunting the two houses.

We will once again, energetically open a space for the ghosts to cross over into Spirit World, but we need your help!

Please join us on Halloween, the night when the veil is thin to assist in their crossings. Bring offerings for the ghosts such as candles, candy, and good will.

We will first gather in the upstairs of Hera Salon to start the ceremony! Go up Hera Salon's driveway, through the gate, and up the stairs to ReikiCafe.

Fee: $5