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Strategies for Maximizing Value in Your Business

Foundant Technologies - 143 Willow Peak Dr. Bozeman

Upcoming Dates & Times

Wednesday, June 7, 2017 at 9:00am - 12:00pm

​Sponsor: SBDC
Instructors: Bryce DeGroot of Compass Advisors and Christopher Gregory of Fortis Group
$25 Prospera members, $40 non-members

Strategies for Maximizing Value in Your Business: An insider look at what drives value in your business, and how you can take steps to build a sustainable business.

What Can You Expect to Learn?
1. What drives value? 
2. Why must your business be transferable? 
3. How does a valuable and salable business provide freedom and options? 
4. Strategies to build a valuable and salable business. 
5. What is at stake in business ownership transition?

This seminar is for you if you’d like to learn:
• Exit and succession options for long-term planning.
• How to build a business with transferable value.
• What to expect in the process of transferring ownership.
• Common pitfalls to avoid in business transitions.


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