Artists Griffin Foster and Angela Yonke along with many community supporters are excited to announce the unveiling of a new community mural in Downtown Bozeman. This artist and student driven mural project will soon be on display at 229-233 East Main Street. This is the 2nd mural to be completed and installed at the 229-233 East Main location as it continues to sit vacant after the 2009 downtown explosion when the building was significantly impacted by the explosion and was eventually torn down. Since the future of the site continues to be uncertain and the current mural deteriorates, it seemed an appropriate time to freshen up the art.

This Community of Bozeman Mural Project has been supported by several businesses and organizations. Anderson School helped with design concepts. YMCA supplied a location for the mural to be painted and helped with design and painting. Ace Hardware and Kenyon Noble both graciously assisted with supplies, amongst others.

The mural is currently being installed at the 229-233 East Main location. Some finishing work will be done on-site through this week and the mural is slated for completion by the end of the week. The new mural will continue to be on display for all to enjoy until current property owners move forward with development plans or the property sells. We encourage all residents and visitors to check out this new and vibrant mural design.