The Downtown Bozeman Partnership is excited to announce its recent partnership with Amber Schwartz Photography in capturing images of Downtown Bozeman. Mrs. Schwartz, a Downtown Bozeman Association member and local photographer, has taken a variety of photos of the Historic Downtown in all seasons and has provided them to the Downtown Bozeman Partnership to use throughout their marketing materials.

Amber Schwartz has worked in the photography industry for nearly ten years and is known across Montana for her work in architectural and real estate photography. She often works with real estate professionals and builders, capturing their high-end homes and developments, as her specialty is shooting ‘high-end residential properties’.

Mrs. Schwartz used her architectural eye when photographing Historic Downtown Bozeman and perfectly captured the essence of the downtown buildings and businesses. The Downtown Bozeman Partnership is excited to release their photos and proud to be working with a talented local photographer.

Additional information on Amber Schwartz Photography can be found at Life is Downtown.