2020 Bridal Walk - April 4, 11am-3pm

Help brides plan their Dream Montana Wedding in the “Heart of Downtown Bozeman.” There are many reasons why being involved in wedding sales and events can truly benefit your business! The goods and services available in Downtown Bozeman are what make a destination wedding in this area possible. Every Montana bride wants the up-to-date fashion and goods to make their wedding unique and beautiful that are many times, only available in Downtown Bozeman and not anywhere else in the state.

The fee for participation this year is $325.00. With this participation fee your business will receive the following (ALL participants MUST complete the 2020 Event Application below and MUST be a current DBA member):

  • Your business name listed on all Bridal Walk 2020 Posters which will be hung all over town and located at participating businesses.
  • Your business name and logo will be located on the official Bridal Walk Stamp Card. This stamp card will be given to each bride as a “ballot” for the $500 shopping spree. In order to submit a ballot, brides must complete every stop along the way, which will ensure you continuous walk-in traffic throughout the day of the event. NOTE: The event is a “walk” so, we’d prefer our stamp card locations to be within the general downtown area. If you are a DBA member but not located right in downtown, we will work with you on a location.
  • Your business name, address, contact information, what wedding goods or services your business has to offer, and any promotion, drawing or giveaway you will be offering the day of the event will be included and listed in alphabetical order in the Bridal Walk Booklet/Map. NOTE: We encourage you to plan something special for the day of the event as this will help inspire brides to spend more time in your business and increase the popularity of the event!
  • Your business will be assigned a Number inside the Bridal Walk Booklet/Map Center-Spread Map. This map will help the brides along the way and give them information about your business so they can reference it throughout the day and as a future reference for their wedding preparations!
  • Your Number in the Bridal Walk Booklet/Map will also be indicated on Sidewalk Stickers at the entrance of your business. This will remind brides you are a location to stop into as they stroll down Main Street during the event. NOTE: Additional Sidewalk Stickers will be located along Main Street corners to indicate side-street participants.
  • Your Business Name listed on the Downtown Bozeman Website under event calendar details. There will also be links from “News” articles and event listings to the Event Booklet/Map.
  • Electronic (e-blasts and e-newsletters) and Social Media (Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest) will also be used considerably to market this event. All boosts, shares, posts and sponsored ads will include links to the Event Booklet/Map.
  • A Prize Giveaway of $500 to be used at any of the participating businesses ONLY. So, your cost of participation could end up coming back to you!
  • A Database of all 2020 Bridal Walk Registered Brides will be taken at registration and shared with all participating businesses the week following the event. This database will be emailed as an excel file.
  • You will be emailed ALL of the Event Marketing Materials for your own use. These items include the event poster, press release, Facebook cover image and link to FB event, links to the event booklet/map and additional jpeg and pdf images.
  • Press Releases and PSA’s will be sent out weekly to update all local and regional media. All Participating Business Names and addresses will be included on all press release information.
  • XL Country and KISS FM Radio Stations are event sponsors. There will be tons of live reads (and commercials) 2 weeks in advance of the event and many of the participating businesses names and activities will be mentioned during these live reads.
  • A Local TV Station is an event sponsor and commercials will be running 2 weeks in advance of the event.
  • Extensive web and print advertising with many of the local and regional publications such as; The Bozeman Daily Chronicle, Outside Bozeman, A Montana Wedding and more…

Sign Up for the 2020 Bridal Walk by completing the information below NO LATER than FRIDAY, February 28th, 2020. We will need an updated listing for this year’s booklet from EVERY participating business! And, if you are new to this event we will also need your logo!

For an additional $50 you also have the option of including any cards pamphlets or goodies in our gift bags that will be presented to all brides at the registration table! This $50 and can be in conjunction with your $325 event participation fee OR on its own. We will be stuffing 250 gift bags this year and you MUST deliver the materials for the gift bags to our office at 222 East Main Street, Suite 302 NO LATER than Friday, March 27th.