Food Vendors, Non-Profits, and Restaurants are invited to participate in the 2017 Christmas Stroll as a Main Street Food Vendor. Plans are already well underway for this annual event, which will take place on Saturday, December 2, from 4:30 to 7:30 pm.

Ways to participate as a vendor at the Christmas Stroll:

1. You can run your vendor booth as a Non-Profit Organization, preparing your own food to raise funds for your organization.
2. You can run your vendor booth as a Restaurant or Mobile Food Vendor, preparing the food in your own kitchen and giving a portion of your event proceeds to a non-profit organization of your choice (10% recommended donation).
3. Or, consider partnering-up as a Restaurant and a Non-Profit Organization working together by having the non-profit purchase prepared food from your restaurant for their volunteers to sell at the Stroll with all net profits supporting that organization.

To participate in the Christmas Stroll as a Food Vendor, you must do the following:

1. Complete the Vendor Agreement and review the Vendor Regulations NO LATER than Wednesday, Nov. 15

  • If you have any questions, please call the DBA Office at 586-4008

2. Have a current Food Vendor License or a Temporary Food Vendor License

  • For a Temporary Food Vendor License, apply online. (For Non-Profits, this license is no charge as you are tax-exempt. For Restaurants/Mobile Vendors who do not have a food vendor license, you can obtain a temporary license at the link above at no-charge if you partner-up with a tax-exempt non-profit when you complete the health department’s application.)
  • Note: Gallatin County Health Department will be stopping at every booth during the Stroll to make sure all vendors have a license.
  • For questions contact the Gallatin County Health Department at 582-3120.

3. Attend a meeting with the Gallatin County Health Department to discuss how we make vending at the Christmas Stroll fun and safe for all attendees. This meeting is scheduled for Wednesday, November 29th at 6pm at the Downtown Bozeman Partnership Office at 222 East Main Street, Suite 302 and is required for anyone obtaining a Temporary Food Vendor License for the 2017 Christmas Stroll.

If you have any additional questions or concerns, please call 586-4008 or email,


The following regulations apply to ALL vendors (restaurants, non-profits, and mobile food vendors) participating in the 36th Annual Christmas Stroll on December 2, 2017. Failure to comply will mean the vendor may not be able to participate in future events or in some cases, being shut down at the event.

  1. Vendors must be a non-profit organization or a restaurant or mobile food vendor supporting a non-profit organization. There are NO exceptions!
  2. Cost for Vendors to participate in this event is $50.
  3. As a vendor, you are responsible to confirm a location for your booth on Main Street from Grand to Church by getting written/emailed permission from the store manager or owner. Send a copy of this to
  4. Vendors must sell food or beverages designed to be consumed at the Stroll, absolutely no crafts and no packaged or “gift food”. We also encourage vendors to offer substantial dinner-type fare! Cookies and hot cocoa are offered at no charge at many business locations during the stroll which makes it very difficult to turn a profit.
  5. If you need electrical power, you must provide your own extension cord (that are covered by rugs or duct tape during the event) and must have prior permission from the store manager or owner of the business where you will be located before your application is submitted!! Generators are permitted BUT…your location must be approved by the business you are in front of regardless of electrical requirements!
  6. No vehicles will be allowed to remain on the street during event hours. Vendors may drive their cars to their booths only during set up and tear down. Main Street is closed at 3pm to begin set-up and will re-open to traffic at 8:30pm! Event will begin at 4:30pm but, please do not set up any tables or vending equipment on Main Street past the dotted white lane line until AFTER the Santa Parade passes by at approximately 4:45pm.
  7. Vendors must provide their own trash receptacles and are responsible for leaving their area clean at the end of the event. Vendors who fail to do so will receive an invoice for $50. DO NOT move the blue trash bins as they are strategically placed along Main Street and are not intended for individual vendor use.
  8. Your spot will be checked for cleanliness between 7:30 and 9:00 PM. If you sell out before the end of the Stroll you are welcome to leave, but pulling your car onto Main before the crowd subsides is not recommended. ALL debris will need to be removed so, plan to bring a broom.
  9. Anyone selling during the event without prior registration will be charged $100.00 and still must follow Health Department regulations. Note: There is NO FREE FOOD allowed at the 2017 Stroll!
  10. ALL Vendors (obtaining a temporary food vendor license) MUST attend a meeting with the DBA and the Gallatin County Health Department!
    • This meeting is scheduled for Wednesday, November 29 at 6pm at the Downtown Bozeman Partnership Office (located at 222 East Main Street, Suite 302, on the 3rd floor of the Baltimore Building between First Security Bank and MacKenzie River Pizza Co.).