Downtown Bozeman Partnership Announces

New Executive Director: Ellie Staley

The Downtown Bozeman Partnership is excited to officially announce Ellie Staley as the Executive Director. Prior to becoming the Executive Director, Ellie Staley has most recently been the Assistant Director for the Downtown Bozeman Partnership since 2006. After growing up in Omaha, Nebraska and receiving her bachelor’s degree in Biology and Environmental Science at the University of Nebraska, Lincoln, she moved to Bozeman in 2000.

Ellie has over 20 years of event coordinating, sales, and management experience at several established local businesses in addition to her work managing the membership, events and marketing for the Downtown Bozeman Association, the 501c6 non-profit arm of the Partnership. She has a deep love for the Downtown Bozeman community and through her passion and hard work, continues to play an important leadership role in the Bozeman community through creative collaborations with small businesses, property owners, the City of Bozeman and beyond. Ellie is also committed to supporting social infrastructure as well as advocating for accessibility to the arts and culture.

From Ellie: "I am very excited to take on this new challenge that is beyond my scope of work over the last 14 years with events, membership, and marketing to take on some of the larger issues we are facing in Downtown and across our community. We have a wonderful organizational base within the Downtown Bozeman Partnership with over 85 years of support, 5 amazing staff members, over 21 active volunteer board members and hundreds of involved and passionate stakeholders, business owners, community members and more. I am ready to work with all of these groups and YOU to ensure we make the best decisions for our downtown community heading into the future!"