Community Resource Officer

Officer Michael Bachich has been a Police Officer for over 13 years and has been a member of the Bozeman Police Department for the last 6 years. While with the Bozeman Police Department, Officer Bachich has worked Patrol prior to being selected as the Community Resource Officer in October 2016. Some of Officer Bachich's additional duties include Field Training Officer, Firearms Instructor, Defensive Tactics Instructor and Assistant Team Leader of the Special Response Team.

The Position

The Community Resource Officer is assigned to the Support Services Division and will proactively work to the improve the quality of life the residents and property owners of the City of Bozeman. Additionally, this Officer will work with members of the Bozeman Police Department to develop processes to police smarter and more efficiently.

With increased community presence and open communication among community members, this position can establish itself and the Bozeman Police Department as an agency that goes above and beyond what is expected to improve the quality of life for all residents of our community.

Assigned Duties

  • Loud Party/ Nuisance Property Abatement
    • Track loud parties to provide proactive communications with renters, landlords, and property owners.
    • Reduce repeated complaints necessitating patrol response by having a process in place that alerts police department to repeat offenders and locations for face-to-face follow-up with tenants, landlord and/or property owner.
    • Work with various departments within the city to alleviate safety concerns as it relates to buildings and/or properties which have fallen into disrepair.
    • Reduce locations which may attract transient or delinquent activity.
    • Reduce patrol response to repeat locations.
  • Public Education
    • Work closely with the community to identify concerns and implement solutions relating to issues within the community.
    • Accomplish positive community relations and successful crime prevention programs.
    • Increase community awareness and/or educate and reduce crime in the community.
    • Continuous work on community outreach, such as attendance at neighborhood meetings, National Night Out, and Citizen's Police Academy.
    • Proactive use of the department's social media platforms and web page. Designing and preparing crime preventions and traffic safety programs, print media, etc.
  • Problem Solver
    • Identify concerns and implement solutions relating to quality of life issues within the community.
    • Focus on programs that will truly impact community and officer safety and improve the quality of life for our residents.