Bozeman, Montana—The Downtown Bozeman Partnership presented three awards at the 11th Annual Downtown Breakfast held Thursday, May 19, 2016 at the Baxter Hotel.

The awards included the Downtown Cornerstone Award, the Downtown Community Award and the “Life is Downtown” Award. The nominees and recipient for each award were selected by the Downtown Partnership boards.

The Downtown Cornerstone Award recognizes a business that serves as an anchor to the downtown community not only economically, but socially, culturally and civically. The business has demonstrated a long-standing commitment to downtown by sponsoring downtown events, supporting the member organizations of the Downtown Bozeman Partnership, while being an exemplary business leader.

Previous recipients include: Schnees (2015), Country Bookshelf (2014), Rockin’ R Bar (2013), The Leaf & Bean (2012), Insty-Prints (2011), Heeb’s Grocery (2010), Owenhouse Ace Hardware (2009) and First Security Bank (2008). The 2016 Downtown Cornerstone nominees were the Baxter Hotel, MacKenzie River Pizza, and Nova Café. The 2016 recipient of the Downtown Cornerstone Award is the Baxter Hotel. Amy Horton accepted the award on behalf of the Baxter.

Babs Noelle, Downtown Bozeman Association Board member, presented the award saying, “The ‘rebirth’ of the Baxter began when Ted’s Montana Grill opened in 2008. Since then David Loseff, owner, and his staff have completed a major renovation each and every year including the 2nd floor event spaces and the building’s iconic sign. Now, eight years later, the Baxter is truly and will always be a cornerstone of downtown Bozeman.”

The Downtown Community Award acknowledges a business or organization that has provided exemplary support of downtown Bozeman. This entity recognizes that the city of Bozeman and the entire Gallatin Valley benefits from a thriving downtown, and therefore, they have assisted the Downtown Bozeman Partnership in its efforts to promote and enhance the community’s historic core.

Previous recipients include: First Security Bank (2015), First Interstate Bank (2014), Town Square Media (2013), Bozeman Daily Chronicle (2012), Bozeman Food Co-op (2011), City of Bozeman (2010), Montana State University (2009) and Kenyon Noble (2008). The 2016 Downtown Community nominees were Bridger Bowl, Gallatin Art Crossing and Sweet Pea Festival. The 2016 recipient of the Downtown Community Award is the Gallatin Art Crossing. Tate Chamberlin, founder, accepted the award on behalf of the Gallatin Art Crossing.

Eric Sutherland, Downtown Business Improvement District board member, presented the award and said, “Thanks to the Gallatin Art Crossing there are currently 70 sculptures in Downtown Bozeman. It is safe to say that Tate and the Gallatin Art Crossing continue to accomplish their mission and Downtown Bozeman continues to be the beneficiary.”

The “Life is Downtown” Award honors a person who has given a veritable lifetime of service to downtown Bozeman. The recipient has exceeded the expectations of the community in their generous support downtown. This person has devoted considerable time and effort to the betterment of the downtown community by volunteering for special events, serving as a downtown board member, and playing a leadership role in downtown initiatives.

Previous recipients include: Rob Pertzborn (2015), Ileana Indreland (2014), Bobby Bear (2013), Larry Bowman (2012), Bert Hopeman (2011), Chris Pope (2010), Steve Schnee (2009) and Bob Paynich (2008). The 2016 “Life is Downtown” nominees were Coco Douma, Mike Hope, and Babs Noelle. The 2016 recipient of the “Life is Downtown” Award is Babs Noelle.

Bill Stoddart, Downtown Tax Increment Finance Board member, presented the award and said, “Babs has served on various downtown boards for 10 years. She has advocated for and worked on behalf of Downtown Bozeman with the same energy and “can-do” attitude that fuels her business, Alara Jewelry. For Babs, “Life is Downtown" and we are better for it.”