ATTENTION RESTAURANTS: After much deliberation, we are excited to present the Inaugural Downtown Bozeman Restaurant Week! DTNBZN Restaurant Week 2021 will be held Monday, April 19 - Sunday, April 25. This event was created to promote YOU, our locally owned restaurants, bars, bakeries, tasting rooms and eateries. For this event to be a success this year and future years, we're hoping for enthusiastic participation from each and every one of you.

If you intend to participate PLAN AHEAD and within your comfort level so that you can welcome your customers and PLEASE do NOT complete this form until you are 100% certain of your special(s)/menu. You will have to re-submit the form if you wish to make any changes to ensure they are correct on all event collateral. Deadline is Friday, March 19th.

Below are suggestions for how to get the absolute most out of Restaurant Week, PLEASE REVIEW:

  1. Create a special consisting of off-menu items as to not compete with your current menu and inventory for regular demand on those items. This is a huge selling point for potential customers as they will be able to try unique specials at their favorite eateries as well as places they have never been before.
  2. Follow each category's suggested pricing, when possible. Below we have outlined suggested pricing for the different categories. We will advertise these pricing levels to potential customers. This is a way to hook first-timers who may be hesitant to dine downtown due to the misconception that it is "too expensive". This is a great opportunity to invite students, families and singles into your restaurant and establish some new customers. See below for a breakdown of each category including pricing suggestions.
  3. Consider encouraging reservations. Many of you have developed amazing reservation systems. This will help control your seating as we work around limited capacities. It also takes the stress off the diner to find a seat.
  4. Use the Restaurant Week Graphics to promote and SHARE, SHARE, SHARE! Once you've completed this form, let your social media audience know. "We are officially signed up for Restaurant Week 2021! Mark your calendars and come see us during the week of 4/19 for exclusive specials and a one-of-a kind dining experience". (CLICK HERE for the marketing toolkit for this year's event. New graphics added often).

Category Breakdowns below...

Breakfast / Brunch

  • Participation cost: $100
  • Suggested price range for off-menu special: $10-20
  • Examples of specials
    • Specialty Benedict, Side, Pastry and Coffee or Juice for $15
    • Mix and Match (choose one entree, side and drink) for $10


  • Participation cost: $100
  • Suggested price range for off-menu special: $15-20
  • Examples of specials
    • Specialty Restaurant Week Sandwich with a side of chips and a drink for $15
    • Mix and Match (choose one appetizer, entree, side and drink) for $15


  • Participation cost: $100
  • Suggested price range for off-menu special: $20-50
  • Examples of specials
    • Specialty Restaurant Week 5-course Steak Dinner Experience including expert wine pairing for $45
    • Mix and Match (choose one appetizer, entree, side, drink and dessert) for $30
    • Consider Add-ons: Glass of wine, craft beer or dessert for $5-10

Sweet Treats (baked goods, desserts, pastries, etc)

  • Participation cost: $50
  • Suggested price range for off-menu special: $5-10
  • Examples of specials
    • 1-2 items that are not on the menu. Possibly a new pastry you have been thinking about adding to your menu.

Craft Drinks (coffee, tea, beer, wine and specialty cocktails)

  • Participation cost: $50
  • Suggested price range for off-menu special: $5-10
  • Examples of specials
    • 1-3 drink specials. Work with your barista/bartenders and see what creative signature drinks they can come up with. Typically this group is always brewing up something tasty and unique.


The information we will be asking for includes:

  • Business Name, Website, Address and Logo (as you would like to be listed on the event materials)
  • Contact Information (Please designate a main point of contact for this event. All communications will be via email, so please enter an email connected to a monitored inbox)
  • Category Selection (Check all that you wish to host a special for)
  • Specials: This is where you will type or paste your meal specials into each box that coordinates with the categories you are participating in, be specific
  • Photos of your specials: You can only upload ONE IMAGE per button. If you have additional photos, please email them to and we will be sure they are attached to your promotions.


What you will get for your participation fee:

  • Access to professionally designed marketing pieces including social media posts, logos and graphics via dropbox (CLICK HERE for the marketing toolkit for this year's event, new graphics added often.)
  • High-scale exposure to the DBA's attentive audience totaling over 50,000 engaged community members. Extensive digital and traditional marketing through email marketing, digital advertisements, television advertisements, radio and print.
  • Robust website listing with individualized participant pages including logos, menu items, food images and additional information. This interactive event landing page will be linked by a QR code on all printed and digital marketing tools.
  • Printed materials including table tents, posters, window signs, punch cards and other materials delivered to you both digitally and in person. All materials include a QR code directing customers to the above event landing page.
  • The DBA staff will administer a punch card system to attract attention from the community and beyond. We will facilitate raffles, instagram lives and prize packages to drive traffic to all participating business and create added fun to the event

The cost to participate will be based on the number of categories you choose to participate in. We are flexible and willing to work with each of you to ensure all who wish to participate are able to. We are happy to discuss in-kind donations in place participation fee for additional categories chosen. Invoices will be emailed one week after the application deadline of MARCH 19. Payment can be made online or via check. If you have any questions or concerns regarding the participation fee, please reach out.