If you are interested in being a food vendor for this year's Music on Main concert series, tell us about your business and complete the application below!!

Music on Main Vending Policies/Regulations:

  1. Fees: The cost for vending at the Music on Main Concert Series is $125 per night. Checks can be made payable to DBA (Downtown Bozeman Association).
  2. Event Timing: If chosen as a vendor, you will be sent a contract with your 2022 confirmed dates. Then, each week you are confirmed for, you will be emailed a weekly event map with your location and additional details. Please note that weekly locations can vary slightly. The parking lanes from Bozeman to Rouse Avenues will be cleared of parked cars and should be ready for you to pull in and start unloading by about 5:30pm. You can begin to unload into the parking lane and get set up but cannot be on Main Street until 6pm when Main Street is officially closed for the event. You must be set-up and ready to serve by 6:30 PM. You MUST stop selling by 8:30pm and have all your equipment pulled behind the white parking lane at your vendor location no later than 9pm! The police cars lining-up on Main Street will be an indication that it’s time to get behind the white parking late immediately.
  3. You will be responsible for having a trash receptacle next to your booth and providing your own signage to display the items prices of the items you are selling. Please be advised that alcohol sales are prohibited!
  4. You must have a current vending license issued by the Gallatin County Health Department. As required by all licensed food vendors, your station must include a hand washing station and you must follow the proper food handling policies outlined in your license.
  5. The event cannot be responsible for specific electrical power needs. If you have a generator you may use it but please do not block any sidewalks and cover ALL extension cords with duct tape and REMOVE duct tape at the end of the event.
  6. This event is very fast paced a very quick set-up and tear-down process. Make sure you can set up quickly and efficiently and have menu items can be served very quickly. You should be able to do 400-500 individual sales within the 2-hour event time. Keep this in mind when planning your menu. Think easy, affordable, tasty, and fast.

This registration form is due NO LATER than Friday, June 10 and MUST be accompanied by a copy of Liability Insurance with the Downtown Bozeman Association and the City of Bozeman listed as additionally insured. Completing this registration does NOT ensure you a vending position at this summer’s series. We will contact you directly with possible availability for your business. Please send the copy of liability insurance to makai-lynn@downtownbozeman.org or mail to 222 East Main Street, Suite 302, Bozeman, MT 59715. Email gaby@downtownbozeman.org with additional questions. Thanks!

Music on Main Food Vendor Application 2022

Indemnification: By execution of this Application, the undersigned Music on Main Vendor and/or its representative and agents release and hold harmless the Downtown Bozeman Association (DBA), its staff, directors and representatives, as well as the City of Bozeman, its employees, and representatives, from any claim that is made against or by the undersigned Music on Main Vendors as a result of participating in the Music on Main concert series on Main Street of Bozeman, Montana on the dates contracted. The undersigned Music on Main Vendor further agrees to indemnify the Downtown Bozeman Association, as well as the City of Bozeman, for any costs or damages either may suffer as a result of any acts or omissions by the undersigned Music on Main Vendor, its principals, agents, representatives, or employees. This indemnification will include not only the damages claimed by any person who suffers a personal injury, or damage to property but also all court costs and attorney fees incurred by any indemnitee. Prior to the erection of a food booth on Main Street by Music on Main Vendor, Music on Main Vendors agrees to carefully inspect the area of the vendor’s booth for any unforeseen hazards and will also independently verify that any services provided by the DBA, the City of Bozeman for Music on Main Vendor’s use before during, or after Music on Main are safe and appropriate for such use before the commencement of actual use. Failure on the part of Music on Main Vendor to independently verify that such services are safe and appropriate shall be deemed a waiver of Music on Main Vendor’s right to maintain an action against DBA or the City of Bozeman, to the fullest extent allowed by law. The undersigned Music on Main Vendor agrees to comply with Music on Main vending rules and regulations.