Outreach Bozeman needs your help! HRDC is collecting Outreach Pack materials to distribute to members of our community experiencing homelessness. Contact Crystal (cbaker@thehrdc.org or 406-585-4844) to learn more about this volunteer opportunity.

About Outreach Bozeman:

The City of Bozeman, HRDC, Downtown Bozeman Partnership and Bozeman Police Department have partnered to launch a pilot program, Outreach Bozeman. The purpose of Outreach Bozeman is to educate, communicate, and work with our business community to provide the resources and knowledge needed to understand and respond to our homelessness needs with compassion and understanding. We want to ensure our approach is sensitive to the unique needs of individuals experiencing homelessness, while also responding to the safety concerns of the greater community.

As our community grows, affordable housing issues increase and the need for mental illness resources rise, the increased need to educate and provide resources to our community has become more and more evident. We have also recognized it takes a team of passionate local professionals and community organizations to help all of us understand the roots of homelessness and mental illness so that issues that arise can be resolved in the best way possible.

Outreach Bozeman is aimed at education, outreach and involvement and is currently providing the following resources available to our businesses, property owners and community members. The following resources are now available, and data will be collected and updated regularly.

  • Downtown Partnership Business Resources:
  • HRDC Resources:
  • Bozeman Police Department Services and Resources:
    • Bozeman Police Officer is teaming up with HRDC for weekly Downtown walk-arounds to speak with persons experiencing homelessness and businesses.
    • Contact: Community Resource Officer – Marek Zeigler, mziegler@bozeman.net
    • Police non-emergency line – 406-582-2000
    • or more information about Outreach Bozeman or how you can get involved, visit www.downtownbozeman.org or call 406-586-4008.