Downtown Bozeman Improvement Plan

Downtown Bozeman Improvement Plan - ADOPTED

The Bozeman City Commission formally adopted the 2019 Downtown Bozeman Improvement Plan on Monday, April 15, 2019.

The final Plan document will be published in mid-May.

Thanks to all of the community members that participated in the process; your input shaped the Plan and will help guide Downtown Bozeman forward.

Draft Downtown Bozeman Improvement Plan - Now Available

The City of Bozeman and the Downtown Bozeman Partnership have released the draft of the 2019 Downtown Bozeman Improvement Plan. 

The planning process began in June 2018 with the selection of a team of national, regional and local consultants including Agency Landscape + Planning (Cambridge, MA), Leland Consulting (Portland, OR), Intrinsik Architecture (Bozeman, MT) and Groundprint (Bozeman, MT). The Downtown Plan community outreach efforts informing the draft plan included: 26 meetings with over 100 stakeholders; 8 community events with 230 participants; and nearly 2,300 individual public comments received. 

Upon adoption in April 2019, the Downtown Plan will be a neighborhood plan within the Bozeman Community Plan which is also known as Bozeman’s growth policy. Written public comments about the plan can be sent to the City Commission at or the City Community Development Department at




Downtown Plan Public Meeting and Comment Schedule

Thanks to those of you that have provided feedback leading up to the Downtown Bozeman Improvement Plan (DBIP) Annotated Framework.
Over 2100 public comments have been received to date.

The next step will be the release of the formal draft plan by the City of Bozeman, followed by a 60+ day period of public meetings and public comment.
Anyone can submit a public comment at any time via email to Please include the words "Downtown Plan" in the subject line.
The formal draft public meeting schedule is below.

2-19-19 Downtown Urban Renewal District Board Meeting
12:00 PM in the City Hall Commission Room | 121 N. Rouse Ave, Bozeman MT 59715

2-20-19 Downtown Business Improvement District Board Meeting
12:00 PM in the City Hall Commission Room | 121 N. Rouse Ave, Bozeman MT 59715

3-5-19 City Planning Board Meeting
7:00 PM in the City Hall Commission Room | 121 N. Rouse Ave, Bozeman MT 59715

3-25-19 City Commission Resolution of Intent to Adopt the DBIP (Consent Agenda)
6:00 PM in the City Hall Commission Room | 121 N. Rouse Ave, Bozeman MT 59715

4-15-19 City Commission Resolution to Adopt DBIP
6:00 PM in the City Hall Commission Room | 121 N. Rouse Ave, Bozeman MT 59715


The Downtown Partnership is pleased to release the Downtown Plan Annotated Framework and Appendix. Think of these documents as the “rough” drafts of the Downtown Plan. You can download PDF copies of both documents by clicking the links provided below. Feel free to submit feedback about any aspect of the proposed plan.

CLICK HERE to download Annotated Framework PDF

CLICK HERE to download Appendix PDF

Deadline for comments Friday January 18, 2019

Submit comments to


The 2019 Plan will be completed in three phases beginning in June 2018 and will be completed in April 2019. Opportunities for engagement will be continuous throughout the process.

Phase One: Discover

In this phase, the team will research, map and describe downtown’s history and development pattern, land uses, character, and cultural and economic assets. The plan will incorporate concepts and recommendations from relevant past and ongoing plans, with a focus on reviewing the 2009 Plan. This work will reveal patterns, themes, opportunities, and challenges.

Phase Two: Ideate

Phase Two will be based around a collaborative, week-long series of work sessions and engagement events to generate ideas and test them with stakeholders efficiently and interactively. Ideas from this week-long series of conversations will be compiled into a compelling, cohesive vision for Downtown laying out preliminary objectives and strategies.  Following these workshops, the team will refine the vision, goals, objectives, and strategies into a draft plan.

Phase Three: Action Plan and Final Documents

The final phase will focus on the creation of the 2019 Downtown Improvement Plan document, including action-oriented strategies, guidance on near and long-term implementation, partnerships, and potential funding sources.

Community Surveys

We have received over 1,900 completed surveys to date!
Thank you to everyone who participated. The surveys are now closed.

Thank You October Participants  

Thank you to those who participated in the October 29-30 public events for the Downtown Bozeman Improvement Plan. Over 115 people participated in this second round of stakeholder meetings, public meetings, and drop-in events. 

If you missed the public meeting presentation on October 30th, you can still see the concept ideas in the "2018 DBIP Draft Framework Presentation (October)" link below.

Thank You August Participants 

Thanks to everyone who participated in the weeklong events for the Downtown Bozeman Improvement Plan from August 12th to August 17th. Your ideas are helping us shape the future of Downtown Bozeman!

To date, we have gotten feedback from approximately 380 people!

  • 144 online survey responses
  • 165+ participants in five community workshops*
  • 155 comment flags placed
  • 227 comments overall - sticky notes, flags, postcards
  • 68 stakeholder interviews

To view and download the presentations from engagement week, scroll to the bottom of the page and click “download file” to download the community presentation and the summary presentation.

2019 Downtown Plan Annotated Framework

Download File

2019 Downtown Plan Appendix

Download File

2018 DBIP Draft Framework Presentation (October)

Download File

2018 DBIP Engagement Week Public Meeting Presentation (August)

Download File

2018 DBIP Engagement Week Summary Presentation (August)

Download File

2018 Downtown Plan Update Scope of Work

Download File

2016 Strategic Parking Management Plan

Download File

2009 Downtown Plan 2018 Progress Report

Download File

2009 Downtown Improvement Plan

Download File

1998 Downtown Improvement Plan

Download File

1995 Downtown Urban Renewal Plan

Download File