The Downtown Bozeman Partnership is a member-managed limited liability corporation. The member organizations include the Downtown Bozeman Association (DBA), Business Improvement District (BID), and Urban Renewal District (URD) which established the Partnership as an incorporated management agency. The Downtown Bozeman Partnership provides combined operational support in the form of offices and employees for the three-member organizations.

As such, the Partnership is the unified identity of the DBA, BID, and URD, as each organization works independently and collectively on behalf of downtown Bozeman. The Downtown Bozeman Partnership coordinates extensively with the City of Bozeman staff, the City Commission, and the Citizen Advisory Boards. The Partnership works in conjunction with many of the City’s citizen advisory boards on a variety of issues as they pertain to downtown. Perhaps most important, the Partnership continually strives to foster strong relationships with downtown property and business owners. All of these cooperative efforts strengthen downtown as a critical element in the greater community fabric.