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Established in 1993, Fantastic paintings, sculptures and new works by many of Montana's best-known artists and more!

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July's Featured Artist

David Frederick Riley and Nealy Riley

David Riley is a gallery artist, portrait and wildlife painter, and illustrator. His painting is inspired by the universal narratives of the human condition, emotion and the similar elements that appear in Nature. David works primarily in oil, contrasting contemporary color fields and abstract space with traditional handling of the human form. He uses color harmonies to showcase emotion and the vibrancy of life. His work frequently illustrates themes of emotional and spiritual growth.

David’s southwestern contemporary works are a unique approach to the wildlife and persons of the West: bison, longhorns, bears and iconic Native American figures. His palette is usually monochromatic, but the power of the imagery creates such an impression, that color is not missed. He has just commenced a collection of cowboys.

David has a BFA and MFA in Fine Art from the Savannah College of Art and Design, where he was awarded the Outstanding Achievement Award. After a ten year career in illustration and teaching for Colorado Mesa University, He and his family now live in Utah, where he teaches and paints. David is the owner and primary instructor at Open Air Art Space.

David Riley has recently been a finalist in the Art Renewal Center’s Annual Salon, Oil Painter’s of America National Juried Exhibition, and was in the top 100 finalists in London’s BP Portrait Award.

Nealy May Riley currently lives in Springville, Utah with her daughter Cami and husband David. Nealy and David met in grad school at Savannah College of Art and Design in 2007. After grad school Riley took a job as a graphic designer in Arizona because she wanted a stable source of income. Needless to say, she wasn't really satisfying she wanted to be painting instead of staring at a computer all day. So, they decided to move to Colorado where they thought they could teach a little adjunct at the college there, and then have time to paint. Unfortunately, the adjunct work didn't exactly pay the bills, so they thought, "Hey, we could open a Ballroom Dance Studio and still have time to paint on the side!” Nealy and David had both taken dance training and owning a studio was something they had both always wanted to do. Later on they opened La Puerta Dance Studio in Grand Junction in 2009. The dance studio was an amazing venture for them where they both learned a lot about running a small business, dancing, teaching, making amazing friends, and being part of a wonderful community. However, they still weren't painting on a regular basis while running they small business.

With the birth of their daughter Cami in 2013 they decided the need to refocus their energies if they were going to be artists. They decided to sell the dance studio and moved to Utah where her husband could work with some wonderful artists in the Springville / Salt Lake area and she could take care of Cami and paint in the mornings. Nealy started out feeling a little lost about what she might want to paint until she ran into Daily Painting online and Daily Paintworks. Now Riley really enjoys her daily painting and she is feeling excited about the progress she’s making. Nealy is creating small paintings on a regular basis, experimenting with color and subject matter that is readily available. Excited about the future!

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