The Baxter Hotel

105 W Main St

At the heart of Downtown Bozeman, The Baxter features residential and office spaces, as well as Ted's Montana Grill, Bacchus Pub, and La Chatelaine.

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June's Featured Artist

Kricia Storms

Catch Kricia at the Baxter on June 14th from 6-8 PM.

Kricia Storms, the visionary behind the brand Bang Bang, brings a rich background in fashion, sales, and marketing to the art of hat making. Her journey began in advertising for a major fashion retailer but shifted during the 2008 recession, leading her to sales and marketing roles for fifteen years. Despite her success, Kricia longed to create something tangible. A transformative trip to Florence, Italy, where she learned hat making from renowned artisan Matteo Gioli, ignited her passion for this craft, blending tradition and innovation.

Returning to Bozeman, Montana, Kricia established Bang Bang in November 2023, offering a sanctuary for hat enthusiasts seeking personalized, authentic pieces. For Kricia, hat making is more than fashion; it's self-expression, storytelling, and legacy. Each hat, crafted with meticulous attention to detail from premium materials, reflects the unique personality of its wearer. "Hats are so personal," Kricia says, emphasizing their ability to convey individual stories and foster connections. Bang Bang invites customers to explore a world where tradition meets innovation, promising high-quality, custom hats worth the investment.

Freight Train Ceramics

I am interested in the fusion of wild ceramic materials with different types of wood ash and the surface that is created in the variable atmosphere of a wood kiln. Many of my forms are made to collect ash and show the path of the flame in the kiln while referencing ideas of bottles, baskets, or buckets. We use a different mix of cottonwood, ash, elm, aspen, fir, or maple wood for each firing. Different woods have different types of ash effects due to their salt and potassium content, varying from species to species and from where in the tree the wood comes from. For 4 days ash accumulates on pots with the temperatures reaching over 2300° F, melting the ash and creating a glaze that is unique to that firing. After a long 4 days of putting wood in the kiln, the excitement and anticipation of the unloading starts to grow. Hundreds of vessels, sculptures, and experiments are cooling as a dedicated crew waits patiently in anticipation of the unloading. It’s like Christmas.

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