Random Acts of Silliness : The Magic Monster Show

THE MAGIC MONSTER SHOW Roxy and Boomer, Random Acts of Silliness' monster mascots, invite you to The Magic Monster Show, where you can participate in the magical mayhem of stories being made up on the spot! In this high-energy slapstick show, our team of improvisers will bring your ideas to life on stage: flying octopi, edible rainbows, and singing monkeys. You never know what will happen when kids call the shots!

Price: Free

Show Length: 45 minutes

Age: Fun for anyone, but geared towards kids ages 3 - 10

Participation: Lots of chances to offer suggestions (and occasionally get on stage) will arise, but participation is never pressured or required!

Tickets Available Here: https://www.rialtobozeman.com/...

Calendar   Community Events
Location The Rialto
Date Saturday, March 25, 2023 at 10:30am - 1:00pm
Duration   2h 30m
Repeats? No