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The Board of Directors is seeking a CEO to build on this solid foundation of generous community support and take it to new levels of strengthening the foundations of community. The next leader must re-imagine the Y’s future, innovate and elevate the Y’s mission, and leverage the Y’s unique ability to serve all members of the community. 3 The Board believes its new CEO should be an experienced leader who has the background and qualities that will permit him or her to achieve excellence in the following roles: KEY SKILLS AND ABILITIES Steward Fundraising Efforts: Possess the ability to develop and cultivate relationships and deepen the breadth and depth of our donor base. Develop and implement an annual fundraising plan that will tell the story of the GVYMCA as a leading nonprofit organization. Identify and steward fundraising efforts for the phase two capital project, using proven practices, while taking the organization to a new level of effectiveness and impact in annual giving. Improve Operating Performance Through Strong Fiscal Management and Administration: Engage the staff to develop an annual tactical plan for identifying and achieving key goals and objectives toward operational excellence. Ensure safe, relevant, and sustainable practices while leveraging innovation. Use high-level financial analysis to forecast financial trends and ensure growth. Quickly address financial issues that may arise. Lead the organization to develop the budget and drive operations to surplus annually by growing earned revenue and contributions and controlling costs. Empower and guide staff to lead their departments to achieve financial milestones. Position the Y as a Vital Partner in the Community: Actively build relationships with members, community stakeholders, key partners, and other nonprofits to ensure that our Y is seen as a leader and partner in strengthening community. Serve as an ambassador for the mission, purpose, and vision for the GVYMCA by being the face of the GVYMCA in the community. Possess the ability to develop and cultivate relationships with key stakeholders from diverse backgrounds while upholding the highest standards and values of the Y. Build and Lead the Staff: Ensure a talent development system is in place and executed in an affirming, culturally competent, and effective manner. Work towards recruiting, retaining, developing, and promoting staff that represent the diversity of the communities we serve. Encourage the team by creating a spirit of camaraderie, inclusion, and sense of mission and purpose. Foster a learning organization to help staff achieve their highest potential.
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