Breathing Easy: Learn to De-stress in 3 Minutes or Less


Upcoming Dates & Times

Wednesday, April 7, 2021 at 12:10pm - 1:00pm

Join Arnie Shapiro, MD, as he presents a 50-minute workshop over the noon hour on breathing-based relaxation techniques that can be practiced in 3 minutes or less. These practical, proven, self-soothing techniques will help you to relieve tension from body and mind, and once learned can be practiced anywhere. The instruction includes patterned breathing, visualization and auto suggestion.

Dr. Arnie Shapiro is a Bozeman physician who worked at MSU Student Health Center for 17 years. Along with his full-time clinic work, he has maintained an interest in stress management and developed a set of brief relaxation techniques for patients. Gradually, his audience expanded to MSU classes, campus employees and various settings in the Bozeman community.

This course will be offered online in real-time (live). The cost is $5.00. To register, please visit: ato.montana.edu/continuinged.

We will send you a reminder email with login instructions one business day before the program start date.