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From Tents to Towns: Bozeman's Historic Main Street Walking Tour
The Extreme History Project, 234 E Mendenhall St, Bozeman, MT 59715

Come walk with us while we explore Bozeman’s historic Main Street. Once a gathering place for the local indigenous peoples’ tribes, Bozeman also served a vital role during the 1860s gold rush. Enjoy the stories of the colorful characters like John Bozeman, Daniel Rouse, Nelson Story and architect Fred Willson who helped mold the look and shape of this town. From wooden shacks to brick beauties, the historic buildings with their unique architecture that you pass represent the different phases of development throughout Bozeman’s growth. Compare the businesses initially established to serve miners and the fledgling agricultural industry to what you see today. Walking in its founders’ footsteps will help you appreciate the essence of Bozeman and its place in the history of the West.

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