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How-To Llama: Owning, Training & Packing Llamas Seminar
Gallatin County Fairgrounds, Animal Barn

Community Events
April 20, 2024 @ 9:00am - 11:00am

Join Montana Llama Guides for an immersive 1-day seminar designed to unlock the spectacular world of llamas! Whether you're battling springtime cabin fever or simply seeking an engaging activity, our How-To Llama Seminar is the perfect escape.

Available in April, May, and June, this seminar is not just informative but also a gateway to adventure. Gain a deep understanding of llama behavior, learn comprehensive care techniques for your home, trailer, or when out in the wild, and master the tricks of the trade for efficient backcountry packing.

More than just llamas, we’re devoted to ensuring our practices respect both the environment and fellow trail-goers. Proper etiquette and stewardship of our public lands are at the core of what we teach. Elevate your backpacking and hunting experiences with the unique element llamas bring to your explorations.

Please note, attendance and completion of our seminar are mandatory for those looking to rent llamas in the future. Ensuring the well-being and security of both you and the llamas is paramount.

Join us this spring for an unforgettable experience—spend your day learning, laughing, and falling in love with these incredible creatures.

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