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Local Authors in Conversation - Random Acts of Silliness
Country Bookshelf 28 West Main Street Bozeman, MT 59715

Community Events
September 23, 2023 @ 12:00pm - 2:00pm

Join the creators of the Bumblewood Thicket Fairy Village - as well as a few of the fairy village “architects” and the photography team for a glimpse into the magic! Presenters will read some passages from the Bumblewood Thicket book and talk a bit about the collaborative process for creating the fantastical stories and images that accompany each structure in the village. Spoiler - it’s a *mostly* delightful process that involves a lot of serious fairy research and speculation, as well as occasionally heated debates about confounding questions such as: why do fairies need stairs and ladders, what type of cooking utensils to fairies actually use, and can child fairies fly?

Please contact events@countrybookshelf.com with any accessibility concerns about the event on September 23rd. Questions about accessibility for the Fairy Village at Glen Lake Rotary Park should be sent to hello@randomactsofsiillsiness.com.

2023 marks the 4th year of Bozeman’s annual fairy village, now a beloved local tradition. Bumblewood Thicket has been voted best art installation and best annual event in Bozeman. Last year it brought delight to over 15,000 visitors of all ages during the three weeks it was visible to human eyes.

In 2022 the folks at Random Acts of Silliness decided to create a commemorative book for the village each year, as a way to capture the tremendous magic created by each artist, and the fun narrative built around the village and its inhabitants.

The village features structures created by talented southwest Montana artists, with stories created in a collaboration between the artists and Random Acts of Silliness. The structures are beautifully captured by Doug Loneman of Loneman Photography on the eve of installation so that the book can be ready for sale to eager visitors.

In addition to serving as a reminder of the fairy village experience, the book also raises funds for non profit Random Acts of Silliness so they can continue to produce this treasured community event.

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