Project Management: The Art & Science

Montana State University

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In this introductory course, you will learn valuable waterfall and agile project management methodologies and leave with the skills and techniques required to be a successful project manager. You will benefit from the instructors combined 50+ years of experience across 10 industries! We will examine real world examples that connect project management theories into actions, paired with tried-and-true management templates. Come with your questions and challenges. This course is appropriate for new project managers and those seeking to acquire project management skills.

This in-depth course covers eight modules:

- Project Management Theory and Practice Understand the basics of sequential project management processes, tools, and techniques.
- Agile Theory and Practice Gain an appreciation of the simplicity of Agile, Scrum, and Kanban, and learn when to apply them in various industries.
- Communication and Emotional Intelligence (EI) Balance hard and soft skills and how to effectively communicate using ei and self-awareness to positively impact team collaborations and project success.
- Requirements Elicitation Ask the right questions to help customers discover business needs and communicate this via timely and concise requirements.
- Scheduling Break down complex projects into smaller tasks that can be scheduled and understood by your team and customer.
- Planning, Managing, and Reinforcing Change Successfully introduce and implement changes at the project and organizational level to accomplish results.
- Monitoring and Tracking Effectively assimilate and communicate project status, supported by tools like Microsoft Project, Slack, and Jira.
- Lessons-learned Techniques & Class Wrap-up Lead good retrospectives and lessons learned with a focus on continuous improvement.