Two-Day How-To Llama Seminar
Indoor Arena- Gallatin County Fairgrounds

Community Events
April 15, 2023 @ 10:00am - 7:30am

Montana Llama Guides is hosting a 2-Day How-To Llama Seminar at the Indoor Arena in the Gallatin County Fairgrounds, Saturday, April, 15 & Sunday, April, 16. Open to the public llama meet and greet Saturday, 10-2 pm. The seminar event begins at 3-7 pm offering a dinner for registered guests. Followed on Sunday with a continued introduction to our guided trips where you will learn about llamas’ history, what it means to be a llama rancher here in Montana, and how to rent llamas out in the backcountry. Limited to 16 available slots, you can reserve your seat now at https://www.montanallamaguides... or reach Dennis at or Call 406.600.3835.