Hello Downtown Bozeman and Beyond,

Below is a letter from our neighbors at Dave’s Sushi. Dave's wanted to reach out directly to all of you to make sure you have the correct information from the right sources regarding the tragic issues they have been recently facing.

As a representative for downtown businesses, we know first-hand how difficult this situation has been for Dave’s and their staff. We are unbelievably impressed by their willingness to be open, transparent, and available throughout. We encourage you to stop in, have an amazing meal and support your neighbors, at your comfort level of course!


Ellie & the DBP Staff

A letter to bozeman

Dear Bozeman,

Dave’s Sushi needs your support.

We are reeling from the tragic events that occurred in April. Those individuals and families impacted by the foodborne illness outbreak continue to be and will always be in our thoughts. We will continue to be transparent as more information from the CDC, FDA and local authorities becomes available.

On May 17th, GCCHD Health Officer Lori Christensen rescinded the previous closure order “based on findings to date that indicate all food samples have come back negative for several pathogens and toxins and preliminary findings of a case-control study…..focused solely on morel mushrooms as an exposure. Based on preliminary analysis, the odds ratio calculated that the individuals who ate morel mushrooms at Dave’s Sushi during the outbreak had 8.8 times the odds of getting sick compared with those who did not eat morels. The magnitude of the odds ratio suggests a strong association that the morel mushrooms were the food item that caused the outbreak and that other menu items that did not contain morel mushrooms were not associated with the foodborne illness……I have determined there is no longer a condition of public health importance or imminent health hazard preventing the establishment from reopening.”

Prior to this event, the FDA had no published guidance on morel mushrooms. In response to the April incident, the FDA released the following information on May 19th: https://www.fda.gov/food/outbreaks-foodborne-illness/investigation-illnesses-morel-mushrooms-may-2023. With these new findings, Dave’s Sushi will never serve morel mushrooms again.

There has been a great deal of incorrect and non-factual information that has impacted the public perception and understanding of what has occurred. Understandably, this has had dramatic impacts on business. Most of our staff members are struggling and the business likely will not be able to survive at the current volume.

Please watch and share the following video https://vimeo.com/840977902/ac35a60886?share=copy, where Missy O’Malley asked one of our Operations Managers the questions Bozeman wants answers to. We have also created a detailed FAQ page that we hope you will review and share: www.daves-sushi.com/info

It has been our privilege to be a part of the Bozeman community for over 20 years. It’s also been an honor to support local non-profits, employ over 1,000 staff members, be your local sushi restaurant and host your special occasions. We hope that we can regain your trust and welcome you back to Dave’s Sushi soon.

Warm regards,

Dave’s Sushi