How do you feel about Paid Parking in Downtown Bozeman? – There has been recent progression, at the city level, towards instituting a Paid Parking Program in Downtown Bozeman. We know this is not only a sensitive issue for downtown businesses, employees, stakeholders, and the Bozeman Community. Please take a moment to update yourself on the details below and if you are interested or invested in this idea, please send your thoughts and comments to our City Commissioners at

  • In October 2021, the City Parking Staff presented A Downtown Bozeman Parking Study, with data collected in August of 2021 in Downtown Bozeman. It was determined that during the collection time Downtown Bozeman exceeded the 85% capacity parking rule and the City began looking at solutions.
  • Then on Tuesday, Feb. 1, the City Parking Staff presented a Downtown Bozeman Parking Proforma outlining the revenue potential for a paid parking program in Downtown Bozeman. The commission did not give full permission to City Staff to move forward with implementing a Paid Parking Program but, has requested they return with some additional information regarding adding supply, additional funding options and transportation ideas. In the meantime, we as the Downtown Partnership feel it is critical that if you have strong opinions one way or another regarding a Paid Parking Program in Downtown Bozeman, now is the time to voice that opinion to your City Commissioners.

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