The weather is warm, the sun is (sometimes) shining and we have officially begun summer! What does summer mean? MUSIC ON MAIN!!!

Yes, this beloved free community concert series returns for its 24th year! DTNBZN is so excited to celebrate the art of live music with you all once again, and in the spirit of continued fun and safety, we would like to remind everyone of the rules and policies regarding MoM...

Mo M Rules

Music on Main is an exciting event that brings together locals and tourists alike to celebrate the beginning of summer, talented folks both from Montana and beyond, and the idea that being together is better than being apart. With that, the City of Bozeman allows for an Open Container Waiver within the "event area". This Waiver allows for anyone over the age of 21 to have an open container of alcohol within the "event area" purchased by one of the licensed beverage establishments within the "event area" only.

The "event area" is defined by the Main Street closure from Black Avenue to Rouse Avenue, and to the alleys of North and South Bozeman Avenue. This closure will be held from 6 PM to 9 PM each Thursday evening from July 6th to August 10th.

Anyone in possession of an open container outside of the perimeters of the "event area" BEFORE 6 PM and AFTER 9 PM will be subject to a $100 Open Container ticket which will be issued by the City of Bozeman. NO glass or aluminum containers of alcohol are permitted.

As much as we love our furry friends, for the safety of them and others, we ask that NO pets are brought in to the event.* As well as coolers are NOT allowed.

Breathin' easy in Bozeman! Music on main is a smoke AND vapor FREE event! Smoking of any kind is ONLY allowed in designated areas outside of the "event area" for the purposed of providing an enjoyable, family-friendly environment for all.

THANK YOU to all of the attendees for helping us continue a fun and safe, free community concert series.

and with that... ROCK ON, BOZEMAN!🤘

Continue to groove even when it's not a MoM Thursday by listening to our Spotify Playlist!

*Registered service animals permitted.