Thank you for signing up for Downtown Bozeman Restaurant Week! You received this second application as an opportunity to share your Restaurant Week specials with us. Please only fill out specials for the categories in which you initially registered.

Below are suggestions for how to get the absolute most out of Restaurant Week.


  1. Create a special consisting of off-menu items as to not compete with your current menu and inventory for regular demand on those items. This is a huge selling point for potential customers as they will be able to try unique specials at their favorite eateries as well as places they have never been before.
    1. Check out some examples from last year here.
  2. Follow each category's suggested pricing. We have outlined suggested pricing for the different categories. We will advertise these pricing levels to potential customers. This is a way to hook first-timers who may be hesitant to dine downtown due to the misconception that it is "too expensive". This is a great opportunity to invite students, families and singles into your restaurant and establish some new customers.
  3. Consider encouraging reservations. Many of you have developed amazing reservation systems. This will help control your seating during this busy week. It also takes the stress off the diner to find a seat.
  4. Use the Restaurant Week Graphics to promote and SHARE, SHARE, SHARE!
    1. Once you've completed this form, let your social media audience know. "We are officially signed up for Restaurant Week 2023! Mark your calendars and come see us during the week of April 24th for exclusive specials and a one-of-a kind dining experience!”

Please complete the form below no later than Monday, April 10th.

Please include anticipated operating hours for Monday, April 24th - Sunday, April 30th