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Public Parking

Downtown features a variety of convenient public parking options with over 2000 spaces offering 2 hours of free parking. Downtown features over 1500 on-street parking spaces that provide 2 hours of free parking throughout the district. There are four 2-hour free parking lots conveniently located one block off of Main Street with a total of 180 public spaces. For longer parking options, please visit Bridger Park Garage which offers all day parking with the first 2 hours fee. See the map below for parking facility locations.

The Bridger Park Garage is located between Tracy and Black avenues along Mendenhall Street, just half a block north of Bozeman’s popular historic Main Street. This state-of-the-art multi-level garage accommodates 435 vehicles. The parking garage also serves as the primary hub for the free Streamline public bus system. The north and west sides of the facility feature a variety of stores, restaurants and offices.

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The Bozeman Parking Commission and Downtown Bozeman Partnership conducted the 2010, 2012, 2014, and 2017 Downtown Parking Studies identifying the various parking assets and uses in the downtown district.

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This study quantifies and qualifies through-truck traffic along Main Street and identifies alternate truck routes.

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The Downtown Alley Sketchbook provides examples of landscaping, hardscaping, pedestrian-scale lighting, business signage, courtyards and pocket parks. Such improvements would help transform the alleys into unique pedestrian networks providing usable outdoor spaces for businesses. 

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The Bozeman Creek Park(ing) Project involves three primary objectives: enhance Bozeman Creek and create a creek-side park; maximize public parking function and capacity; and mitigate storm water issues. Three design alternatives have been developed to improve the parking lot and adjacent section of Bozeman Creek at the corner of South Rouse Avenue and East Babcock Street.

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