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June's Featured Artist

Spirit Jewels by Alexandra Weissman

Hello! I am Alex, an adventure-seeker and jewelry designer who recently relocated to Bozeman, Montana from sunny Arizona.

Despite growing up on the East Coast, I have always had a love for the western part of the states. While attending the University of San Diego, I spent my weekends and summers roadtripping through the West, exploring as many National Parks as I possible could.

After college, I ended up back in Boston briefly, but missed the West too much, and ended up moving to Arizona.

Within my first month back west, I decided to roadtrip up to the North Rim of the Grand Canyon, where the idea for Spirit Jewels was created.

I have always been entrepreneurial, and had been wanting to start a business where I was able to be creative and design something. This is what led me to jewelry. I liked the idea of being able to combine my love for fashion with my love for outdoor adventures, leading me to Spirit Jewels!


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