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Inland Boutique | Meshika Hats

234 E Main St

Two lovers from different corners of the world, met in Venice, CA, making it their home away from home. Both having backgrounds in fashion & design; Alberto Hernandez, a sought after-third generation hatmaker from Mexico & Kristin Fedyk, a Canadian born stylist, with a degree in fine arts, who has now founded two independent boutiques in Los Angeles, & a third in Bozeman, Montana.

Alberto & Kristin have a growing clientele that seek their unique approach to style & a unconventional shopping experience. Joined together to share their passion for quality, thoughtfulness & the world's most unique artisans, inland was born.

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July's Featured Artist

White Bear Moccasins

Inland will be featuring Shauna, a close friend and the creative force behind White Bear Moccasins. Shauna is a self-taught artisan known for her unique and authentic craftsmanship.

Inspired by personal challenges and the therapeutic nature of working with her hands, Shauna crafts moccasins that incorporate bison hide, fabric, wool, and other materials. Her designs reflect a commitment to quality and authenticity, allowing customers to add their personal touch!

Shauna's work aims to unite people, promote a healthy lifestyle, and inspire young individuals. Meet Shauna & explore her moccasins at the shop this Friday at Downtown Art Walk!

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