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Moreno Fine Art Gallery

2245 W Koch St

A Fine Art Gallery that will bring amazing unique Art from new Local talent and Artist from abroad. Collectors, Designers & Art lovers this is a must see Gallery.

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July's Featured Artist

Melissa Burghardt

My work is a reflection of my own inner journey and a celebration of life's unique beauty and complexity. This is reflected in colorful paintings with elegant figures and powerful looks. An abstract world can be seen with a play of lines in which women flourish. The sensual, yet pure appearances capture a sense of power and determination.

In the current collection with the theme 'Geef je BLOOT', the viewer is challenged to look within, without shame and without layers of accountability. The naked women that often appears in these paintings symbolize freedom, strength and resilience with the ability to accept and love themselves. Be honest with yourself and look for your Eva.

With my paintings I want to give people a visual translation of their inner emotions and highlight the beautiful side of life. I want to give them art that makes them feel heard, where they feel at home, but also that makes them dare to reflect on themselves. With my art I want to bring my own dreamworld closer to people, as if you can almost step into it and be part of the artwork. I hope people buy art that represents their lust for life and surround themselves with art that continues to fascinate people through decades.

The process of these paintings leads to an expression of creativity in many areas. It starts with a vision that is then developed into a sketch or a digital image. With my own live models, photo shoots are held to find the right pose and good lighting. The painting is then set up using mixed media and finished with oil paint. I make my paintings on canvas or paper, but I have also discovered the material steel. This heavy steel gives an extra dimension to the power of art. When the painting on steel is ready, it is finished with a glossy car varnish. This entire process is filmed and becomes a work of art in itself, which everyone can experience on YouTube.

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