Visions West Contemporary

34 W Main St

Gallery with paintings, photographs & sculptures highlighting nature & the Rocky Mountain region.

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July's Featured Artist

Beau Carey - The Unbound Horizon

This July, Visions West Contemporary has the pleasure to exhibit the otherworldly landscapes and deconstructed horizons from New Mexico based artist Beau Carey.

Carey approaches landscape painting with a unique blend of traditional and contemporary techniques. He often references the mountainous landscapes of his travels and borrows compositional structures from 19th-century American landscape painters. Carey's paintings frequently explore themes of globalism and environmental dominance, highlighting the complex relationship between humanity and the natural world.

A horizon line plays a pivotal role in establishing perspective, depth, and spatial orientation within a composition. It serves as the anchor point around which the elements of the artwork are organized, creating a sense of balance and harmony. For a viewer this can be a way to establish a place and start conveying a message. For an artist this can be a starting point and something to refer to during the creation process. For Carey, it created a challenge. “It’s this amazing pictorial invention. A simple horizontal line across a page makes a landscape. But it’s fiction. In reality, it happens everywhere and nowhere. Consequently, I thought I needed to disregard it entirely or explode it. So entered the idea of multiple horizons in one picture.” - Beau

Beau Carey is a New Mexico based painter with a master of Fine Arts, 2010, Painting and Drawing University of New Mexico, Albuquerque, NM.

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