Update: We are excited to have selected three amazing local artists for our alley project! Thank you to all of the incredible artists who submitted proposals for this project.

CALLING ALL ARTISTS… be a part of making downtown alleys beautiful! We’re excited to invite YOU to participate in the inaugural alley enhancement project!

The Downtown Bozeman Partnership (DBP) is seeking artist proposals for: 1) two murals; 2) three sculptures; and 3) digital file that will be used to wrap a utility box for the “Downtown Bozeman Alley Enhancement Project.” Artists may apply for one or multiple installations.

The project site is located along the alley north of Main Street between North Tracy Avenue and North Black Avenue (behind the parking garage). This alley was selected based on public ownership of the parking garage, support of the surrounding business/property owners and the general need for improvements in this part of downtown. Additionally, the Downtown Bozeman Improvement Plan (2019) identifies Black Avenue as an important north/south bicycle and pedestrian corridor.

The theme for this alley is “Adventure and Exploration” and is described in the 2020 Bozeman Alleyways Report: “Bozeman is a city that is rooted in adventure and exploration, and continues to thrive on access to mountains, rivers, and open space for recreational purposes. The buildings… tell a story of entrepreneurship, adventures, and the voices of past historical events. The parking garage, Streamline Bus Station, and future bike facilities on N. Black Ave. continue the theme of transportation and exploration into the wilderness surrounding Bozeman” (2020 Bozeman Alleyways Report, Page 8).

This Alley Enhancement Project is a continuation of a The Downtown Bozeman Improvement Plan (2019) which, like the plans before it, envisions enlivening the downtown alleyways: “Signage, lighting, murals and art, and landscape can all co-exist with the important functional elements of the alleys, like service and loading, while adding vitality and identity to these unique spaces. The alleys are also prime spaces for experimentation, almost “hidden” gems that need to be discovered” (Page 80, Downtown Bozeman Improvement Plan). In 2020, the Downtown Business Partnership (DBP) completed a conceptual study to review several existing alleyways in downtown Bozeman and explore ideas to improve the functionality, pedestrian access, aesthetics, and vibrancy of these valuable public spaces. This study was used to produce drawings for this alley to serve as a pilot project.

In additional to the public art, the DBP will also oversee the installation of painted asphalt, wayfinding/entry signage, artificial greenery, lighting, trash receptable consolidation, benches, bike racks and historic plaques highlighting underrepresented groups, such as females, and the BIPOC and disabled communities, contributions to local adventure history.


  • Create welcoming and attractive public art displays that highlight a local adventure and exploration theme.
  • Improve both the aesthetics and functionality by activating the alley for pedestrians and bicyclists while also respecting the vehicular and service “backdoor” needs of businesses.
  • Revitalize a typically utilitarian space through a creative design process, that will in turn reflect diverse layers of Downtown Bozeman.
  • “Encourage and support partnerships for public art and other arts and cultural initiatives in the city” (Bozeman Strategic Plan)

Art Details, Location and Installation

The following art installations are planned as part of the Alley Enhancement Project. Artists may apply for one or multiple installations. Please see Appendix B which shows the approximate art locations on the south elevation of the parking garage.


Two murals are planned for the south (rear) elevation of the existing parking garage in the locations shown on the attached exhibit. Each brick canvas will be a maximum of 430 square feet (approximately 33 feet in height x 13 feet in width – see appendix). The murals should relate to the adventure and exploration theme. Proposals may be figurative or abstract and may be paint, vinyl wrap, or other durable materials designed for outside. An artist fee of $6,000- $12,000/mural will be provided. Proposals may include one or both murals. Once selected, each artist and the DBP will enter into an Agreement for Services to work through details of the installation.


Three sculptures are planned for the south (rear) elevation of the existing parking garage in the general locations shown on the attached exhibit. Some flexibility is expected for exact size and placement. The sculptures should relate to the adventure and exploration theme. Proposals may be figurative or abstract and may be constructed of a variety of materials if said materials are durable and designed to be located outside. An artist fee of $10,000-$15,000/sculpture will be provided. Proposals may include one, two or all three sculptures. Once selected, each artist and the DBP will enter into an Agreement for Services to work through details of the installation.

Vinyl Wrap

One transformer, located in the landscaped area southwest of the existing parking garage, is planned to be wrapped in art printed on vinyl. The art or photography for the wrap should relate to the adventure and exploration theme. Proposals may be figurative or abstract. An artist fee of up to $400 will be provided for a final digital file only. The DBP will cover the printing and installation costs of the actual wrap. Once selected, each artist and the DBP will enter into an Agreement for Services. (Note that a response to this proposal may be conceptual; however, once selected, final artwork/images must be a minimum of 200dpi @ 1/4 of final print size.)


The selected artist(s) will provide the following in their proposal:

  1. Artist bio: Tell us about yourself including your vision and body of work as an artist in 200 words or less.
  2. Artist statement: Share why you are interested in this project and include any past relevant experience producing murals, sculptures or installations in or for public spaces.
  3. Conceptual design(s): include narrative, sketches, photographs or any other evidence to share and support your idea(s) and indicate how the design fits within the “Adventure and Exploration” theme. Please clearly indicate which type of art (mural, sculpture, digital art for wrap) is proposed for each idea. Artists may apply for one or multiple installations.
  4. Budget: include a proposed budget for the installation.
  5. Affirmation of Nondiscrimination (see appendix): Applicants must sign and complete the affirmation of Nondiscrimination in Appendix A. Lack of completion and signature is cause for disqualification of applicant.

Upload proposals to the Downtown Bozeman website (https://downtownbozeman.org/ne...) OR drop off a paper version to the Downtown Bozeman Partnership Office (222 E Main St #302) by Friday, May 5th. It is the sole responsibility of the proposing party to ensure that proposals are received prior to the closing time as late submittals will not be accepted. All proposals submitted online must be provided as a single, searchable PDF document file and be submitted digitally as an attachment to the Downtown Bozeman website (https://downtownbozeman.org/ne...). If there any issues uploading files or location our office, please email Ellie Staley at ellie@downtownbozeman.org or 406-586-4008.

Selection Criteria

  • Design/Theme (4 points): The overall design should highlight the Adventure and Exploration theme designated for this alley. Additional consideration could be given to underrepresented groups and contributions made to local adventure history.
  • Experience (3 points): The artist for the murals and sculptures in particular should have some experience with public or semipublic art installations and a track record of timely delivery. The artist for the digital art for the wrap installation should be able to meet the requirements for image resolution, final printing, etc.
  • Feasibility (2 points): The design can be implemented and employs durable materials that are designed to be outside permanently.
  • Completeness of proposal (1 point): Artist’s proposal includes all the requirements listed in this request for proposals.

Selection Process/Timeline

  • The selection committee, composed of representatives from the Downtown Bozeman Partnership, the City of Bozeman, a member of the Downtown Urban Renewal Board, a business owner and a property owner will select the final designs submitted by artists through this request for proposals.
  • Once selected, each artist will enter into an Agreement for Services with the DBP, or designated representative, to work through details of the installation.
  • May 5, 2023-Deadline for proposals
  • May 2023- Selection of artists finalized
  • June/July 2023- Installation of art
    • *Installation process will be coordinated with the Downtown Bozeman Partnership


The following exhibits are incorporated in this Call for Art:

Contact Information

Ellie Staley, Executive Director

Downtown Bozeman Partnership

ellie@downtownbozeman.org | 406-586-4008


222 E Main St #302, Bozeman MT 59715

Printable PDF - Call for Art

Thank you for your interest; submissions are now closed. For any questions, please email Ellie.